This blog chronicles the miracles and struggles of our daughters, Emily and Olivia. Emily was born 15 weeks early and had many complications, but she continues to amaze us! Olivia, born in China with heart complications, is also beating the odds. She joined her forever family (us!) when she was four years old and has been doing wonderfully! UPDATE: We started homeschooling August 2009 :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Packing, Emily style!

This morning Emily saw me writing a list and asked what I was doing. A packing list? Can we start packing, Mom? Now? I agreed and started gathering all the meds from the list, but that didn't quite look like packing to her. Unsatisfied, she took it upon herself to get the suitcases out and she kept wanting me to go upstairs and do the real packing. When I asked her to get dressed for school, she reminded me that we still hadn't packed and she needed to do that first.
Since I'm not really ready to commit our clothes to suitcases yet, I told her maybe we could pack some clothes for Olivia now. She looked surprised and said, "you mean we've got to pack clothes for her, too?" I guess she thought she'd come with her own wardrobe in a suitcase?? But she was happy with that idea and said, "Do you mean I get to pick out her clothes??" I said she could pick a few outfits for her, so the next thing you know, she's got an armload of Olivia's clothes and plops them in a suitcase, hangers and all! Then, she wanted to put my makeup bag in too. ...ummm...we've got 14 more days...but that doesn't seem to compute right now. She's eager to go! Now!

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