This blog chronicles the miracles and struggles of our daughters, Emily and Olivia. Emily was born 15 weeks early and had many complications, but she continues to amaze us! Olivia, born in China with heart complications, is also beating the odds. She joined her forever family (us!) when she was four years old and has been doing wonderfully! UPDATE: We started homeschooling August 2009 :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gotcha Day :)

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Introverted? Timid? Shy? Huh?? Olivia FuTan is a giggly, sweet little bundle of love that seems far from the reserved child I expected!! She has such a belly laugh and is just too cute!! I'm not sure if the other shoe is going to drop tomorrow, but today was just wonderful!! At first she was a little quiet and shy, but after I held her and fed her a while, she really warmed up and turned into a giggly chatter box who loves to eat like there's no tomorrow! She hasn't cried at all yet, not even at bedtime. She's been surprisingly easy so's my other one who's having a hard time with the adjustment. At bedtime, Emily was feeling a little jealous and sullen and Olivia reached out to her to try to console her! They are now sound asleep next to each other. I'll try to post some video clips later if I get a chance :)


The Trzepaczs said...

She's adorable! I'm surprised there are no pictures of Olivia in a Cubs hat though....

Congrats to you all, and keep posting!

The Tremont Scott's said...

Karyn, she is beautiful and adorable and everything her mommy knew she would be! Congrats! Enjoy this time in China, the trip feels long but goes so fast! The girls will get in a sister-groove and all will be well for both soon.

So glad to see the sleeping arrangements are working out! ;-)

Lisa S

Kyle said...

Congratulations! Olivia looks so happy. Looking forward to more pictures and stories.

Kyle, Tania & Max

Anonymous said...


Olivia is beautiful, I am so happy for you and your family! I am enjoying following your journey so much, I love seeing all the pictures especially Olivia's beautiful smile. Take care.
Karen Garvey

Pamela & John said...

Congratulations Karyn, Andy and Emily! We're sooo happy for you! Olivia looks so cute and happy. We're really glad everything is going so well.


Pamela and John

Daddypundit said...

Woo Hoo! We're glad everything is going so well.
Tom, Shelley, Annie, and Katie