This blog chronicles the miracles and struggles of our daughters, Emily and Olivia. Emily was born 15 weeks early and had many complications, but she continues to amaze us! Olivia, born in China with heart complications, is also beating the odds. She joined her forever family (us!) when she was four years old and has been doing wonderfully! UPDATE: We started homeschooling August 2009 :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

My Little learners

Below is a mix of pix from the last few weeks of our adventures in homeschooling. It really has been much more enjoyable than I ever expected! I'd always known one-on-one learning would be beneficial for my kids, but honestly homeschooling did NOT appeal to me at all! The idea was daunting and I was sure I didn't have the patience. Besides, the girls were both in school all day long and I was finally free to do whatever I wanted from 9-3:30. Okay, well, I still had to fit in laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping somewhere, but basically I was free to go out to lunch, scrapbook, or just plain veg. Why in the world would I want to mess with a good thing?! I have friends who homeschooled, but I pushed off the idea, saying I'd only do it as a last resort if I had to.

Well, the strangest things happen when you pray. Seriously. The short version is that in March I prayed that IF He wanted me to homeschool, would He please change my heart and mind about it. Sure, it'd be good for my kids to go at their pace and gain mastery rather than always rushing to play catch-up and leaving learning gaps in their wake. Yes, it'd be great to master skills before plowing on to the next. But I knew that if my heart wasn't in it, it'd feel like a burden and it'd be a disaster. Well, I asked and He answered! After YEARS of resistance, within a week of that prayer, I not only warmed up to the idea, I was really excited about it! No more dragging my feet. No more fear of failure. No overwhelm. It was definitely a God thing, because I could never have done a 180 that quickly on my own. I now have NO doubt that this is what I'm supposed to be doing.

Now I-- and I daresay, my whole household--think homeschooling is the best thing since sliced bread! Instead of feeling saddled with a weighty, unwanted responsibility, I actually feel kind of sad that everyone else isn't also enjoying this wonderful discovery. That doesn't mean that every day is perfect, but I have a greater appreciation for the fact that these precious kids grow up SO fast and I'm so glad I'm not missing this opportunity with them. I know it doesn't appeal to everyone (me included not so long ago!), but after my sudden change of heart, I feel so blessed and thankful. Thankful for my family, and thankful that we serve a God who still listens and still answers prayer. Could someone please occasionally remind me of that simple fact? Unfortunately I'm often too quick to forget.

My cute little toothless wonder donning a bonnet at Naper Settlement today!

Hard at work, wearing a yoke to collect water!
Drying off and sketching after a nature walk which turned into exploring/playing IN the creek.

Break time! Goofing off on the trampoline.

Very proud of their country and their creation!
During a science experiment the girls learned that an egg can float after adding salt to the water!

Sailing our Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria to the New World!

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