This blog chronicles the miracles and struggles of our daughters, Emily and Olivia. Emily was born 15 weeks early and had many complications, but she continues to amaze us! Olivia, born in China with heart complications, is also beating the odds. She joined her forever family (us!) when she was four years old and has been doing wonderfully! UPDATE: We started homeschooling August 2009 :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One year later

This day has two special meanings. First, it's my mom's birthday--Happy Birthday, Mom! And, second, exactly one year ago today we got THE CALL about Olivia!

As you may know, adopting a four year old was never our plan, and I explained how that came about here when I introduced her a year ago. I'll be the first to admit I was a little scared about what kind of baggage a four year old might come with and how difficult the bonding process might be, but we decided to take a big leap of faith. And for that, we have been greatly rewarded :) Some may have the wrong impression that we "settled" for less than perfect (i.e. a healthy infant, bio or adopted), but in fact, we couldn't be happier. Babies are wonderful, but there's a lot to be said for being closer in age with her sister, being potty trained and sleeping through the night! We had no idea that Olivia would fit so perfectly into our family, but I believe Someone else did :). That scowling little girl turned out to be an affectionate, sweet, loving, happy, giggly, social, strong-willed, smart little girl!

Here I've posted the picture we got one year ago today along with two pictures I just took moments ago. It may be cold outside, but Olivia has taken to multiple clothes changes in a day. Moments ago when I decided to take a "now" picture, she was in a swimming suit that she had found (she was dressed warmer for preschool this morning, against her "better" judgement!)...then, while I was trying to take her picture, she was trying to add a black gymnastics leotard on that (behind her in the pic), and now she's got a princess dress on top of all of that. I wanted to include a picture of what she looks like at the moment, but I just can't keep up with her!

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lilymakes5 said...

I just absolutely LOVE looking in to see how your girls are doing. Olivia is just a sweetheart, and her smile always warms the heart. How lucky WE are!!!!!