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Thursday, November 15, 2007

No, not me!

This is a follow-up to the aforementioned dentist appointment during which Olivia was to have a filling.

Emily was a trooper and model patient when she got her preventative fillings (permanent alternative to temporary sealants) which took all of 5-10 minutes. Olivia, not so much. She insisted, "no, not me, not dentist" as we pulled up to the building and continued to voice her opposition in the waiting room. Then, when just Emily's name was called, Olivia thought she'd been spared and her mood suddenly lifted. Unfortunately, her reprieve was short lived and she got a rude awakening when her name was called.

As the dentist tried to familiarize Olivia with the scary tools he showed her a big vacuum tube that he referred to as being like an elephant's trunk, or nose. At the word "nose," Olivia immediately covered her nose and mouth, protecting them for dear life. This was when the dentist quit before he ever started, saying he does not fight kids. And that was that. He said we could wait six months to see if she'd be more cooperative or we could take her to a pediatric dentist who is better equipped for kids. I think I'll go for option #2, but after dreading this appointment, I'm disappointed that we're still not done. Not only do we need another appointment, but probably two more because the next dentist will need to do his own initial exam (trip #1) and then the follow-up to finally fill the cavity (trip #2). UGH.

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Caroline said...

Hi Karyn,

We tried a pediatric dentist for games in the lobby, Thomas the Tank engine table, and other toys everywhere. It didn't make a bit of difference, he covered his mouth just like Olivia. The pediatric dentist told me that he would have to go under anesthesia to get fillings!

Good luck,